For the last two decade,  we  have  remained an agile,  customer – focused  organization that  provides  our  customers  with the most highly experienced and certified engineers in the industry.
Our  detailed knowledge of in – demand technologies and clear vision of customer goals, allows us to execute tailored services that meet or exceed customer requirements and needs.
This includes developing   partnerships   and   alliances   with  vendors  integrator’s  and other service providers to deliver streamlined and   complete solutions.

Quality   Solutions   also  prides  itself on  providing a  complete  3D  experience  for its  clients  through  deployment of cost – effective CAD/CAM/CAE Solutions.

We  have  the  capability  to  implement  a  complete Product  Development  Solution ( PDS ) that  will  enable  an  enterprise  wide, secured  and  quick  visibility  of its  manufacturing    process  to  inside as  well  as  outside stake  holders  increasing growth and profitability.

3D Engineering Solutions by Industry

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As-built-3d documentation

3D As Built Documentation

Metrology Services provides 3D hardware and software solutions for as-built data capturing and 3D visualization of architecture, engineering, construction projects and workflows for capturing existing as-builts efficiently and accurately in order to process data.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering refers to the process of re-creating design drawings by taking measurements and/or scans of the part itself. 3D Scanners can scan the casting / pattern and then process the data from point cloud to final model.

Quality Control and Inspection

Quality Inspection

Inspection is a comparison of a set of ideal or required measurements (reference data) to a corresponding set of measurements. Inspection allows us to collect data in less time means more often time to analyze.



CAD/CAM/CAE  service includes design conceptualization, assembly design, component design, product design and tolerance analysis. We handle all types of conversion for Architects, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing

Mechanical Analysis

Mechanical Analysis

Mechanical Analysis (MA) includes new methodologies for design, analysis, simulation and experimentation of the behavior of mechanical systems and components. It is a pragmatic program that develop a strong technical, analytical, and problem solving skill.




Dassault System SOLIDWORKS is the foundation for developing game-changing products. It cultivate and advertise 3D CAD design, simulation and product data management software.

Reverse Engineering

Geomagic is a division of 3D Systems that provides engineers throughout the world with industry-leading 3D scanning, reverse engineering, inspection and design solutions.

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Quality Inspection

Inspection is a comparison of a set of ideal or required measurements  to a corresponding set of measurements. The reference data may come in the form of a table, a cad model, or 3d scan.

3D SCANNERS Calibry Nest Software


3D SCANNER is a tool for making extremely accurate 3D renderings of real-world items. 3D Scanners help to meet your quality control requirements in non-contact 3D measurements.

3D printers


3D Printers an additive manufacturing technology used CAD to build three dimensional artifacts through a layering approach and entails layering materials such as plastics, composites.


3D As Built BIM

Metrology provides 3D hardware and software solutions for as-built data capturing and 3D visualization of architecture, engineering and construction projects that allow AEC professionals to quickly and accurately extract desired 2D and 3D deliverables.


In this training, you will become familiar with how the Edge Arm and Reverse Engineering software interact with one another to provide accurate 3D measurements. Basic Measurement Strategy will be introduced, in which you think about final report and how you can obtain information.

Quality Control & Inspection

In this course you will learn how to examine products and materials for defects or deviations to met certain predetermined standards of manufacturer or industry.


Design for your training requirements by seeing the programs available for SOLIDWORKS products, including SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Simulation, SOLIDWORKS PDM, and SOLIDWORKS Composer.

Project Data Management

In PDM training courses you will learn the core skills and concepts needed to utilize SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard or Professional effectively. PDM training helps to focus on managing design data and development.


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