Quality Control & Inspection Trainings & Courses

  • Course Name: 3D Inspections
  • Course Code: QC & I - 01
  • Course Length: 6 Days (3 Hours per day)

Course Description

Quality Control and Inspection Trainings allows you to learn how to examine products for defects and meet the customer requirements. In this training session, you will learn;

Day 1

  • Introduction to 3D Inspections
  • Hardware Setup & Handling
  • Software & File Installations
  • Introduction to Polyworks
  • Understanding the Interface
  • Saving Workgroup Files
  • Device Setup & Calibration
  • Scanning with RTQM
  • Probing the General Features

(Feature Creation & Measurement – Model Prep & Data Capture of Prismatic Features)

  • Performing Task (By user)

Day 2

  • Quick Device Setup & Calibration
  • Initial Part Alignments
  • Probing – without Cad models Part Inspection
  • Reporting (Annotation, Tables & Snapshots)
  • Import/Export
  • Coordinate System Creation & Manipulation
  • CAD Alignments– (Best Fit, Center Points & Feature Based)
  • Cad to Part Inspections
  • GD&TUsage – (Feature Control using Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing)
  • Inspections Using Multiple Device Positions / Move Tracking Device
  • Advance Reporting (Modifications & report Customization)
  • Control Viewer
  • Performing Task (By user)

Day 3

  • Comparison Points

(import txt points/ probe method/Trim edge comparison point-Sample reference curve/ anchor range/ probe)

  • Dimension Creation – Linear and Angle
  • caliper gauges
  • Reverse Engineering by Hard-Probed Features
  • Offline simulation/ Multiple Piece inspection, SPC – Statistical Process Control
  • 3D Scanning Using Polyworks
  • Data Color Maps
  • Scan to Cad Comparison (Feature Extraction)
  • Cross Sections
  • Combining Multiple Scans
  • Performing Task (By user)
  • Course Name: PolyWorks Inspector™ Premium
  • Course Code: QC & I - 02
  • Course Length: 6 Days (3 Hours per day)

Course Description

  • Introduction to PolyWorks
  • Introduction to PolyWorks Inspector
  • Real-Time Quality Meshing
  • Basic Workflow
  • Managing Reference & Data Objects
  • Feature Creation
  • Feature Extraction
  • Geometry Controls
  • Feature Based Measurements and Additional Features
  • Feature Based and Datum Reference Frame Alignments
  • Reference Targets Alignment
  • Data Colour Maps and Point Annotations
  • 3D and 2D Calipers
  • Reporting
  • Multiple Piece Inspection
  • PolyWorks | Viewer
  • Offline Simulation & Sequencer
  • Basic Measurements and 2D Features
  • Flush & Gap Gauges
  • Profile Gauges
  • Volume Measurements
  • Surface Data SPC and creating Deviation Models
  • Additional Airfoil Gauge Module
  • Aligning Airfoil Blades
  • Airfoil Gauges
  • Course Name: Basic Probing And Scanning Applications For Portable Metrology
  • Course Code: QC & I - 03
  • Course Length: 6 Days (3 Hours per day)

Course Description

This training is to enable metrology operators, technicians, and engineers, who have little or no knowledge of the PolyWorks Metrology Suite, to perform 3D inspections using tools found in PolyWorks|Inspector™. More specifically, it covers the key concepts of a typical inspection workflow for portable metrology devices such as articulated arms with probing and scanning capabilities. Trainees are provided with a workbook and datasets to complete the lessons.

  •  Scan a high-quality polygonal model for inspection using the real-time quality meshing technology and feature scanning guidance.
  • Probe measurement objects.
  •  Align data to the CAD model using surface information as well as Feature Based, Best-Fit Measurement Objects, and Datum Reference Frame alignments.
  • Measure surface deviations and create other measurement objects; set controls and tolerances.
  • Review, report, and share inspection results using control views, snapshots, tables, and formatted reports.
  • Inspect multiple pieces, without programming, using piece templates and Play Inspection’s autogenerated measurement sequence.
  • Course Name: Advance Probing
  • Course Code: QC & I - 04
  • Course Length: 6 Days (3 Hours per day)

Course Description

  • Automatic matching of probed targets to align a repositioned device (no need to follow a specific order during measurement)
  • Complete target analysis toolbox, including target measurement statistics, measured target deletion, and target reprobing
  • Temperature compensation by specifying material and temperature, or by best-fitting targets
  • Best-in-class real-time bundle adjustment for large volume metrology
  • Support for all commonly used CAD formats
  • Import of features, controls, tolerances, and GD&T for CATIA v5, UG,
    Pro/E, and JT
  • Definition of nominal features with one click on a CAD model
  • Automatic matching of measured features to nominal features from a new CAD model revision
  • Self-learning, parametric, traceable, and updatable inspection projects
  • Feature, surface point, boundary point, cross-section, profile,
    flush & gap, and airfoil gauge probing
  • Embedded Smart GD&T™ technology
  • Build/Inspect mode for measurement-driven assembly
  • Integrated statistical process control (SPC)
  • Fully customizable reports
  • Integrated Direct Replay™ re-measurement technology to automatically measure a new piece without teaching or scripting

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