The most powerful CAM programming software available for getting products to market faster, more efficiently, and on budget is CAMWorks® with Machining Intelligence. CAMWorks is a best-in-class CNC programming solution for the next generation that allows users to programme smarter and machine quicker.

Benefits of CAMWorks®

When compared to standard profiles and chains-based 3 axis CAM software, feature-based machining saves up to 90% of programming time since multi-surface feature strategies may be stored and reused automatically for many rough and finishing processes.

In native format or neutral file format solid models, our unique Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) recognizes over 20 types of prismatic features automatically. Interactive Feature Recognition (IFR) adds to this capabilities by quickly and easily recognizing complex multi-surface features, as well as containing and avoiding areas.

CAMWorks Milling Software Portfolio

CAMWorks Milling software for G-code programming CNC mill machines comes in a range of configurations that is allowing you to buy just what you need right now and expand your CAM system as your company grows.

2.5 Axis Milling Solution

Axis 2.5 Automatic roughing, finishing, thread milling, face milling, and single point (drilling, boring, reaming, tapping) cycles are all included in milling.

3 Axis Milling Solution

Axis 3 Mold fabrication and aerospace industries frequently use milling algorithms to produce complicated, curved surfaces.

Multi Axis Milling Solution

Take advantage of 4/5 axis machines with CAMWorks Multiaxis Machining software for increased productivity and quality from your CNC machine.


CAMWorks Mill-Turn Machining

CAMWorks Mill-Turn is a system that allows you to mill and turn on the same machine. Increased productivity and flexibility are now possible.

Turning Software for CNC Lathe Machines

Automated roughing, finishing, grooving, threading, cutoff, and single point cycles are all available on CNC lathe machines.

Wire EDM Programming

Fully integrated with SolidWorks that is allowing you to generate EDM toolpaths and machine code in a more natural, automatic, and efficient manner.


NESTINGWorks is the newest 3D design tool in the SOLIDWORKS environment. It is designed to help optimize sheet metal and flat stock designs, as well as facilitate the transfer from design to manufacture.

CAMWorks Virtual Machine

Dry-runs for Programme validations are no longer necessary with CAMWorks Virtual Machine. G-code verification in a single click!

CAMWorks® VoluMill™

For 2.5 axis and 3 axis roughing operations, CAMWorks® VoluMill™ is an optional super high-performance toolpath engine within CAMWorks.

Tolerance Based Machining

The manual chores involved with preparing parts with close tolerances, asymmetric tolerances, surface finishes, and other design annotations for toolpath creation. It will now be a thing of the past with CAMWorks Tolerance Based Machining.

CAMWorks ShopFloor

CAMWorks Shop Floor is the newest Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing product. It encourages digital manufacturing by bringing 3D models with MBD & PMI data and CNC programming information to the shop floor in a single compact digital format.

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