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Our team members are experienced Leaders, Experts in their fields, and the highest caliber Consultants and Executive Coaches. Our approach is collaborative, scientific, and customized to your unique needs and goals.

Our Team Highly skilled and focused professionals help to bring state of the art solutions for our customers. We believe in a team effort, and share the pride with all our members. We show full devotion to the tasks. We have versatile individuals in our team, all segregated into groups in light of their skill set. All groups work hard to attain a combined goal of completing the task in time and with the best quality.

Our team is fully equipped with all sorts of latest technologies, and working methodologies.

Our professionals are fully trained in CAD CAM CAE , 3D Scanning, RVS3d As Built BIM for corporate benefits. Our quest for finding the best options never ends. We seek full customer satisfaction that’s why we offer a wide variety of price tags for you to choose the one that suits you.

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QUALITY SOLUTIONS is one of the fastest-growing service provider of  engineering design solutions in Pakistan, UAE and Russia.


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🏢 Office No. 201-208 Block 2, Alpha Techno Square, National Aero Space Technology Park (NASTP), Nur Khan Air Base, Rawalpindi-46000, Pakistan

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