X-ray technology is the best technique to examine the internal and external structures of your components quickly, non-destructively, and accurately. RX Solutions provides solutions for 3D x-ray microscopes with sub-micron resolution for both industrial and academic applications.

Benefits of X-Ray CT Technology

In many industries, such as aerospace, spatial, medical devices, plastic injection, composite material, or additive manufacturing, X-ray CT has become an essential technology for non-destructive 3D characterization. X-ray CT helps to shorten the product development cycle in R&D, accelerate failure analysis, and improve quality assurance and production process control.

RX Solutions X-RAY & CT Portfolio

RX Solutions are known for their great performance, adaptability, and dependability in the area of Micro CT systems. They are frequently utilized in non-destructive testing in R&D, quality assurance, and production process control by academic research labs as well as industrial companies.

The CT systems portfolio from RX Solutions provides a wide range of analyses, ranging from Micro focus (4 m) to Nano focus (0.35 m) depending on the application.


High Resolution Industrial CT System for Small/Medium Size Parts

EasyTom S is a highly configurable CT system. A compact CT system with the most requested features, such as excellent resolution, medium-size sample scanning, and maximum uptime.


High Resolution Micro & Nano CT System for Medium Size Parts

The EasyTom is easily adjustable and comes in two different setups: Micro focus and Nano focus. Microfocus and Nanofocus CT scans are possible due to the dual tube configuration.


High Resolution Micro & Nano CT System for Large Size Parts – Very Large step-in cabinet

The EasyTom XL is the largest system on the market and is available in three different configurations: micro focus, nano focus, and twin tube. This system can accommodate multiple x-ray sources, allowing for the inspection of thicker and denser materials.


Modular Design for a Highly Versatile X-Ray Micro & Nano CT System

UltraTom has the distinctive ability to accept up to three generators at the same time, covering applications ranging from high power to nanoscale.

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