1Ci (1C International) is an international division of a famous Enterprise Solutions provider in Eastern Europe that serves over a million businesses with business digitizing solutions. They offer scalable and flexible process automation enterprise applications that add additional value to people’s lives. They also provide Industry Solutions for developer to develop the 1C programming language, and share expertise and experience with software developers all over the world via 1C Developer.

1Ci Products


A developer platform that allows you to quickly create business automation tools. Cloud, desktop, or mobile are all viable options. Easily adaptable to your company’s workflows.


With a unified system for managing Orders, Sales, and Inventory through a consolidated dashboard, you may uncover new growth potential.


Flexible ERP system that enables businesses to tackle today’s digital problems, expand faster, and lead their markets.

Enterprise Applications

With the help of 1Ci vertical solutions, you may increase orders, sales, and create new product lines.

Wholesale and Distribution

Inventory management, demand forecasting, cross-border sales growth, and delivery time reduction are all things to consider.

Textile and Apparel

All important steps in the textile manufacturing process should be automated, including production, finance, inventory, logistics, and sales.


From inventory management to real-time monitoring, reporting, and analytics, automate and optimize all stages of the manufacturing cycle.

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