Calibry Mini is a portable 3D scanner for digitizing small things from 2 cm to 30 cm in length. Blue LED lights ensure that the data acquired is of high quality, and the built-in touchscreen makes scanning more convenient. The device is portable, dependable, and easy to use.


Medical Professionals

The Calibry Mini rapidly catches delicate elements of the human structure. It is used to digitize ears, lips, and noses in plastic and maxillofacial surgery and also used by orthotic and prosthetic professionals to scan hands and feet in order to design personalized braces and other corrective devices.

Schools and Universities

The 3D Portable scanner includes free, unlimited Calibry Nest software to making it an excellent choice for schools on a budget. Invest in one device and make sure the software is installed on all of the computers in the classroom, so students can get hands-on experience with the Mini in class, then engage with the collected 3D data at their leisure in the lab or at home.

Museums and Archeologists

Do you want to make a virtual museum in 3D? Are you planning a trip to an archaeological site to look for dinosaur bones? The Calibry Mini can digitize artefacts in full color and is small enough to take on a plane with you.


  • Accuracy
  • Accuracy Over Distance
  • Point Resolution
  • Depth Of View
  • Field Of View
  • Texture
  • Light Source
  • Frame Rate
  • Data Acquisition Speed
  • Multi-Core Processing
  • Weight
  • Touchscreen
  • Software
  • Operating Temperature
  • Up to 0.07 mm
  • Up to 0.1 mm over 1 m
  • Up to 0.15 mm
  • 180-300 mm
  • Min 86x115 mm Max 144x192 mm
  • Yes
  • Blue LED
  • 25-30 fps
  • Up to 3M points/sec
  • Yes
  • 900 gr(1.9lbs)
  • Yes, 4 in
  • Yes, included in the price
  • +5/+40C

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