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Solidworks Manage





6 Days (10 AM to 4 PM)

Course Description

Day 1-2

Initial Installations:

SW Manage Course Introduction

Installation of Manage


Installing server

Installing clients

Post Installation Customization


Numbering schemes

Importance and creation of numbers

Users and groups

Reviewing Users and Creating Groups

Connecting to PDM


Creating a Vault Object

Document Objects

Creating document object folder

Creating database object folders

Creating database objects

Using files with database objects


Viewing a CAD BOM

Adding records

BOM views


Overview and early permissions

Build the process map

Assigning state permissions and finishing the process

Testing the process

Day 3-4

Advanced Installations:

Multiple Site Installation

Database Replication

SW Manage and PDM

Connectivity Between Manage and PDM

PDM Replication with SW Manage

Upgrading Procedures for Manage and PDM

Administrative Items

More Information on Users and Groups

Stepping Through the Options

User Options

Backup and Restore Procedures

Supporting a Customer Database

Resetting the Admin Password

Connecting Additional Data Sources

Data Source for 3rd Party Link

Limit Lists

Configuring E-Mail Services


Day 5-6

Bills of Materials

Virtual Components and BOM’s

Linked Record Objects

Importing BOM from Excel


Advanced Processes

Processes and PDM Workflows


Advanced Projects

Stage Types

Risk Assessment


Web Client Installation

Installing for Web Client Use


Dashboards and Reports

Advanced Report Creation

Importing Reports

Filtering Reports

Calculating Reports

Creating a Dashboard


Supporting Manage

Log Files