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 Machines Calibrate For In-Spec Parts


FARO’s portable 3D measurement solutions like the FARO Laser Tracker and FaroArm can be used in the calibration of machines in manufacturing to ensure accuracy of parts produced by the machines.


Good parts and reduced downtime

Out-of-tolerance parts are often the result of a poorly calibrated machine. With properly calibrated machines, part production is optimized and downtime reduced. Properly calibrated machines produce conforming parts and allow you to minimize the costs of scrap and rework.


Short setup time to identify errors

Quick checks of machine calibration using portable CMMs from FARO, allow operators to perform full volumetric accuracy tests with minimal setup time and to quickly identify calibration errors.

Industries such as automotive, aerospace and shipbuilding have adopted 3D portable metrology solutions from FARO for re-calibration of machines, tools, molds, dies, jigs and templates.


Application Video: Machine Calibration

FARO’s portable 3D measurement solutions allow quick, flexible and accurate calibration of machines in production which helps reduce downtime and ensures that part production is optimized and effective.