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Online qualified ecosystem of industrial suppliers worldwide.


The 3D EXPERIENCE Marketplace Fundamentals

The 3D EXPERIENCE® Marketplace encompasses the full product innovation process enabling rapid ideation, design and ownership. Collaborate with qualified industrial suppliers across a range of services throughout your process.

  • Knowledge & Know-how: Each service adheres to industry standards to capture offers and requests to ensure successful transactions.
  • Universal Language: Each service leverages 3D as the Universal Language to improve collaboration efficiency and bridge the virtual and real worlds.
  • Traceability: Buyer-Seller exchanges are documented and accessible all in one place.
  • End-to-end Transaction Management: The 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace manages all aspects of the transaction, including payments, currencies, billing and more.
3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace Services


The most seamless way to get your parts made and collaborate with leading digital manufacturers worldwide.

Part Supply

The most comprehensive online 3D components catalog with tens of millions of components and hundreds of qualified suppliers.